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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Who Advises the Gov Gen? - In your opinion, does She have a popular mandate to decide?

In your opinion does the charming and lovely individual currently occupying the Office of Governor General possess the Mandate and consumer confidence to make a "proper" decision on the Coalition/Minority Government mess?

I maintain that Her decision in September 08 was a mis-interpretation of the King-Byng precedent, please take a moment to consider:
a) If it's proper, legal, and good that She entertain the Opposition Leaders of the House, to ascertain if a gov't-in-waiting exists at this time, why did She not do the same thing in September? (when Mr Harper admitted that he no longer had the patience, ability and/or fortitude to proceed in minority, despite the provisions of his own fixed election date legislation)
b) In 1926 the Official Opposition actually held MORE SEATS than the Minority PM Mr King?

Who (so poorly) advised Her in September? and who is advising Her now?

If the decision is a poor one (only time will tell) what remedies would Canadians have available to ensure it doesn't happen thrice?

ELECT the Next Governor General!!

Every cloud has a silver lining


May we hope that the silver lining of this Minority vs Coalition debacle will be that public attention can be focussed on the method of selecting the next person to be recommended to the Queen as holder of Canada's greatest office, our TRUE Executive Head & National Leader - the Governor General.

If the GovGen was atop the Canadian power totem, all this wrangling in the lowest order of gov't would be minor details in the running of the country - barely needing the attention of the press and/or our Constitutionally empowered Executive.The partisan 'leadership' of the biggest bunch of charlatans in the elected assembly WAS NEVER intended to run Canada.

My preference is for that person to be found by a popular election held simultaneous with every-other General Election, with the term of Office to start 365 days after the House returns (Since any Citizen could run, a single-transferable ballot system -asking voters for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc choices all at once - would be the only way to get even a 50% result).

IMHO only by electing the GG can we hope to have an Officeholder with the mandate to return our bastardized-by MacKenzie-King/too-much-PMO/PCO-power government system to the supremely-suitable and wonderfully-crafted, as-written format described in 1867. Perhaps you'd like to read the Plain Language Version of it