Sunset Sketches of a Little Country

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Most Astounding Discovery!


I've recovered my bearings a little now.

It seems a happenstance occurred to me, and with me, that normally only happens in fiction.

I sort of Rip Van Winkled away the time from 1944 until 2005.

My first thought on regaining awareness was of Scrooge - within one night seeing the past, future and then returning to the present with renewed insight and appreciation.

But I didn't snooze the time away, I actually expired (it's reliably documented) and have re-materialized in every way except my ailments and maladies are gone.

It's more like the Looking Backwards from 2000 to 1887, by Ralph Bellamy written from the prespective of an old codger who awakes 113 years later to find himself living in an American transformed into Utopia (I won't digress into the socialistic aspects just now).

I am alive, possessing all the facts, theories and notions I knew in my 'real' life but I've flown ahead in time. I am seeing this radically new world with the same 'old' eyes and brain and it is quite a shock to the system of a man who thought he knew a thing or two about life.

I have found a good companion, quite fortunately I daresay and we've had a good chat since I first touched that button on my new writing machine. Word Processing it's termed - everyone treats the device like personal literary sausage manufactory.

My new chum and guide, Ed(ward) E.Trebor, has planned some visits to my relatives over the upcoming Christmas holiday time and he has promised to bring some up to date books on Political Economy and the Sciences from the library for my consumption as we travel.